Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger


Heat transfer surface

0.5m² | 1m² | 1.5m² | 2m² | 4.5m² | 7m²


50 – >10,000 kg/hr


The Kelstream can be used for heating and cooling.


Standard product contact surface from Duplex (1.4462).

The Kelstream Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger is a vertical heat exchanger used for inline heating and/or cooling of medium to high viscous products.

The Kelstream  is available in a model range from 0.5 m² up to and including 7.0 m² for capacities ranging from 50 kg/hr up to a capacity of 10.000 kg/hr per unit.

We have process engineers who can calculate which model is the proper size for your product and process. This can be one machine or multiple machines connected in parallel or series.

Advantages of the Kelstream Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger are:

  • Two concentric heat exchange surfaces to provide an efficient heat transfer
  • Efficient heat transfer by continuous scraping the entire surface
  • A large heating surface per unit on a small footprint

Read more advantages on the Kelstream website

Design, fabrication, tests and assembly is done fully in-house. This way we can guarantee that the machine is 100% approved before it leaves our facilities.

Having units installed worldwide, we can put knowlegde our of our experience and help with finding the right set-up for your product and process. We also have exclusive representations in various parts of the world. Click here for an overview and to see if we have a represenatation in our region.

For more in-depth information about or equipment, please take a look at On the website is also more information about the various products and processes the Kelstream can be used for.

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