Batter Coating Preparation System


Line capacities
  • 5.000 – >25.000 kg/hr of finished product
  • 35 – 45% dry powder battermix
  • 2 – 10% dry powder pick-up

The Batterline can be used in the potato, meat and fish industry

The Batterline is a system for high volume, continuous preparation of batter, as typically seen in the potato processing industry. The liquid batter is applied via an applicator, where product is covered in a thin layer before they are baked in the oven. This ‘battering’ or ‘coating’ is done to give the product certain additional properties, such as ‘bite’ (crispness), color or taste.

The Batterline can also be applied to other industries where products are battered on a continuous basis, such as the meat or fish processing industries.

The Gpi Batterline consists of three modules:

  • Powder handling
  • Batter preparation system
  • Batter return unit

Powder Handling

The first part of the Batterline is the powder handling part. The dry powder can be brought to the line in big bags or smaller bags. The powder is unloaded by a big bag station.

From that point, the powder can be transported by a transport screw or by vacuum. Working with vacuum transport allows you to keep the dry part of the line separated from the wet parts.

The powder is transported to a powder hopper, where the second part of the line starts.

Batter preparation system

In the second part of the Batterline, the powder is mixed with the water. A volumetric feeder doses the correct amount of powder into the mixing system, where it will meet the correct water supply.

The batter is automatically mixed into the right ratio. The mixed batter goes to one of the buffer tanks where it can settle till ready. The batter mix will alternately goes into one of the buffer tanks, which gives you a continuous flow of mixed batter.

Once the batter is settled, it will be pumped to the working tank, part three.

Batter return unit

The batter in the working tank, is pumped to the applicator. It passes one or more shell-and-tube heat exchangers to get the optimal temperature. The batter not picked up by the end-product is returned to the working tank, after passing a particle filter. All waste coming with the returned batter, like pieces of French Fries, will be filtered out and disposed.

Design, fabrication, assembly, FAT and tests are done fully in-house.

With the Batterline we extensively work together with our partners, Kiremko. With their knowledge of the potato processing industry, we are sure that we supply a system which integrates seamlessly with the oven and Applicator supplier by Kiremko. For more information, please take a look at Our Partners page.

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